Problems with the guttering and downpipes on your home can be a lot more than just a nuisance.  Sure, it is unpleasant when an icy drip of water hits the back of your neck as you walk in the house from a leak in the gutter.  But this is a sign of a potentially bigger problem – guttering that doesn’t work properly can lead to damp problems.  So here are some expert tips on guttering maintenance for any kind of house.

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Clear up those leaves

In autumn it can seem like there are leaves everywhere and it is impossible to keep on top of them.  But it is worth having a go and for some unexpected reasons.  Removing leaves helps to make things look tidier and stops them being tracked into the house.  But also it reduces the chance that they are picked up by the wind and blown into the guttering.

Problems with leaves in guttering and particularly in blocking downpipes are top reasons why people have gutter issues.  Often uPVC installers will visit homes around Southampton for installation of new guttering, only to find that the main problem is leaves blocking the existing guttering.  By keeping on top of the clear-up, you can reduce this problem.

Have regular maintenance

When you have uPVC guttering, it takes very little maintenance to keep it in good working order, but it is still something that needs to be done periodically.  Clearing those leaves, making sure no moss is growing in the guttering and that the elements of the roofline are solid should be part of your annual maintenance schedule.

The guttering is attached to fascias with soffits underneath.  There are usually bargeboards running from the house apex to the end of the fascias on gable ends.  These elements should all be checked when having guttering maintenance.  Without them, water can get into the internal parts of the house.  And if you have cladding on the upper part of the house, this is a good time to check this as well.

Deal with problems quickly

 If you do notice that your guttering doesn’t seem to be working properly, then it is important to get someone to check it quickly.  If there is a spot on the guttering where water is pooling, this could lead to penetrating damp problems.  This weakness can allow issues like dry and wet rot into the loft and they can be devastating.

So if you notice drips, leaks, pooling water or just that the guttering doesn’t look quite right, get someone to check it as soon as possible.  Also, have them check the downpipe is working properly as if this is blocked, it can lead to a backlog along the guttering and cause more problems.

Important task

Ensuring your guttering is working properly is an important task as a homeowner.  Problems with leaking guttering can seem minor but can lead to some major issues such as damp so it is best to deal with them as quickly as possible.

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