Mention uPVC and most of us will rightly think of doors and windows.  But there are also a lot of other elements on the home that uPVC installers can replace with this tough, durable material.  Here in Southampton, we fit everything from fascias and soffits to guttering and even cladding on the house, all made from uPVC.  But what are the benefits?

uPVC Fascias and Guttering

Benefits of uPVC roofline elements

The roofline is the area where the roofing materials meet the walls and where the last of the roof trusses is located.  It is a key junction of different materials and the point of the roofline is to cover them all and protect them.  This means it includes elements such as the fascias and soffits where the guttering and ventilation is often located.  It also includes things like box ends and bargeboards that run from the apex of the roof to the box end on gable ends of properties.

The primary benefit of having uPVC for these elements is that they are long lasting and need almost no maintenance.  They come in crisp white plastic that doesn’t weather so there’s no need to paint them and there are other colours if you prefer a different look. 

uPVC also lasts a long time.  Most products come with a 20-year guarantee and that’s no idle boast – companies know their products will easily last that long.  They ensure that the roofline keeps water out and reduces the risk of problems such as damp if there is any deterioration – as is commonly seen with timber roofline elements.

Benefits of uPVC guttering

The other big part of the roof that can be modernised and have a uPVC installation is the guttering and the downpipes.  Traditionally, guttering is made from iron, which is long lasting but also that does need regular maintenance, painting and can be very difficult to handle due to the weight.  This also means it needs a certain level of the structure behind it to support that weight.

uPVC has a number of benefits over iron which is why most people choose it when they are replacing their guttering.  For starters, it is produced in one continuous shape and there are no seams, only joins where the angle around the house requires a change of direction.  Because it is plastic, it doesn’t need to be painted and is also tougher – no scratches, dents or marks will show up.

PVC is water resistant so there’s no worry about freezing or corrosion due to the passage of water and it doesn’t lose shape when pressure is applied – such as snow or ice.  It is more budget-friendly than iron guttering, easier to install and can come in white or a range of other colours to match other elements.

Problem solved

The guttering and roofline of your home is a crucial part of the weatherproofing and this can mean it can cause problems if things go wrong.  But by replacing it with uPVC elements, the problem is solved and all you need to do is make sure you have regular maintenance to keep the guttering running smoothly.

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