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The roof is the main way that the house is protected from the weather but without the guttering and downpipes, the system doesn’t work correctly.  So if your guttering is sagging, your downpipe sprays water around the place or it all simply looks a bit shabby and you are in the Southampton area, then The Fascia Company can help solve the problem.

guttering and downpipes Southampton

Our Services

  • Guttering and downpipes replacement
  • Ensures your weatherproofing works
  • Avoid problems such as penetrating damp
  • Replace guttering with smart PVC versions
  • Low maintenance, long lifespan materials

Why guttering is important

It can be easy to underestimate the importance of guttering and downpipes.  But think about what would happen if they weren’t there or they weren’t working properly.  Rain slides down the roof and would fall straight down – onto the area outside your front and back door.  It could also constantly drip in certain places to lead to penetrating damp where water gets through cracks in the brickwork and causes problems inside.

This shows just a few reasons why guttering is so important.  It collects up that rainwater and funnels it to the downpipes which then empty it into the drains around the house.  No water pools, unexpected drips or other problems.

Failing guttering

The one thing about guttering is that it works hard and this means it can deteriorate over time, especially if it was made from older materials such as iron or aluminium.  Even older PVC versions can show their age if they are 2-3 decades old.  So if you are noticing random drips, signs of damage to the guttering or downpipes that simply won’t connect together, we can take a look.

We offer full guttering and downpipes replacement so your home can continue to have full protection from the weather, and you can leave your house without fear of a sudden shower from the roof!

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