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If you stand on your front doorstep and look up at your roof, the first thing you are likely to see is the soffit.  The soffit is a key part of the roofline the most visible element from the ground apart from the guttering itself.  If you need replacement soffits in Southampton, then The Fascia Company are your local experts to carry out the work.

soffits in Southampton

Our Services

  • Soffit installation service
  • Add new soffits or replace timber ones
  • Ensure the roof is weatherproof
  • Other roofline services offered
  • Insurance backed guaranteed work

What does a soffit do?

Soffit is a French term that means ‘something fixed underneath’ but it does a bit more than that.  Soffits are most often seen on roofs, but they can also be under porches, columns or even under a flight of stairs.  They can be made from lots of materials but in the roofline, they are often made from timber.  In recent times, though, experts in roofs have been recommending a new material for soffits – PVC.

The soffit is designed to protect the eaves of the house, the last of the roof beams that would otherwise be exposed to the weather.  They work alongside the fascias to protect the internal parts of the house and create a space for guttering to be attached.

PVC soffits

Many homeowners call us because there’s damage to their soffits or they are worried that water is getting in.  Other times, the soffits are deteriorating and need replacing.  Sometimes it is just that they look messy because the wood is past its best.  Whatever the situation, we can replace the soffits with new PVC ones that will look great, weatherproof the house and don’t ever need to be painted.

We offer free quotes for all the work we do so if your roofline is looking aged or you think it isn’t functioning properly, give us a call and we can arrange to visit to give a quote for renewing it.

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