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Established in 1990, we’ve been the prime supplier of soffits and fascias in Southampton and across Hampshire for nearly 30 years. Speak to our team today for friendly, professional advice.

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Suppliers of new soffits and fascias in Southampton and across Hampshire

The Fascia Company is one of Southampton and Hampshire’s longest established uPVC fascia and soffit installers. Serving the local area since 1990, we have been the trade’s first choice for soffits and fascias for nearly three decades. Maintaining a professional, friendly approach to all our work, we ensure that each and every customer receives a high quality service. 

From guttering and soffits to windows, doors and whole conservatories, we pride ourselves on giving a expert, honest advice to help you achieve the result you want within your budget. All products offered are of the highest standard and quality at an extremely affordable price, plus we are fully insured with a complete guarantee to save your peace of mind.


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Have you noticed that your guttering seems to have a decidedly saggy look to it? Are you tired of having to repaint the fascias and soffits on your roof? Or is the cladding on your home looking shabby, no matter what you do with it?

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About Us

The Fascia Company was founded in 1990 to offer the homes of Southampton the best of PVC products for their homes. We offer insured fascia fitting, replacement soffits, guttering and cladding on your property to keep it weatherproof and protected.

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“The Fascia Company stepped in and helped us out at very short notice, very professional, very tidy, excellent work, I would use them again.”

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Fascias or fascia boards are one of those elements on the roof that you might know by name – or you might not. And that’s okay because they work away without much attention or even a lot of maintenance. But if you discover that you need fascia installation or renewal and you are in the Southampton area, then The Fascia Company are here to help.

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If you stand on your front doorstep and look up at your roof, the first thing you likely see is the soffit. The soffit is a key part of the roofline that is also the easiest part to see when you are on the ground, apart from the guttering itself. If you need replacement soffits in Southampton, then The Fascia Company are your local experts to carry out the work.

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Guttering and Downpipes

The roof is the main way that the house is protected from the weather but without the guttering and downpipes, the system doesn’t work correctly. So if your guttering is sagging, your downpipe sprays water around the place or it all simple looks a bit shabby and you are in the Southampton area, then The Fascia Company can help solve the problem.

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Cladding is a traditional method of finishing the outside of a building and for many years, timber was the choice of material for this. But if you looking for a modern alternative to timber cladding in Southampton, then why not consider PVC cladding from The Fascia Company? Often, people don’t even realise that this is what they are looking at.

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For nearly 30 years we have been the number one choice for fascias in Southampton, priding ourselves on incredible customer service and product guarantees at a great price. If you want free and honest advice from true experts, then give us a ring. Call us on 023 8044 9090 for a free, no obligation quote.